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Tuesday, December 29, 2009 · Posted in Marketing, Web

I. First of all you have to make a Keyword Analysis and than adjust the contents with the selected keywords.
The Keyword Analysis is a fundamental Search Engine Optimization strategy and this is the very first step in effective SEO.

II. Technical and content optimization checklist:

- Keyword in Domain name
- Correct DTD (Document Type Definition) in the beginning of (X)HTML source
- Correct (X)HTML Characterset
- If your site is language-specific, don’t leave Language tag empty
- Relevant document Title in section (use Keywords)
- Description Meta Tag in section
- Keywords Meta Tag in section
- Using Divs instead of Tables building the structure of the site
- Using H1 – H3 predefined tags for titles and
- Creating relevant Alt tags for pictures
- Creating relevant Title tags for links
- Using Strong tag to emphasize keywords (not Bold)
- SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs (Keyword in URL)
- Internal navigation (Links should contain keywords)
- Check the technical correction of the site width W3C validator tools (
- Keyword density in document (3-7% for major keywords is best)
- Keyword in the beginning of document
- File size (Try not to exceed 100K page size)
- Unique and frequently updated content

There are several tools helping you check your keyword density, code validation, keywords relevancy, searching competitors and so on.

Don’t use:
- Invisible texts
- Duplicate content
- Outbound links to bad neighbors
- Many outgoing links
- Single pixel links
- Refresh Meta Tag
- Flash home page
- Frames

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