Project Management Plan

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 · Posted in Business

This document is a template that provides the industry accepted guidelines to plan, execute, control, and close a project. This document will need to be tailored and customized to the needs of the project; however, special care should be considered if major sections are “tailored out”.

1. “Tailoring” is the process that modifies the structural components of the template to the needs of a specific project. As an example, the Project Manager may have a standard appendix that does not apply to the project.
2. Customization is the mechanical task of inserting customer or project logos, deliverable identifiers, names, and so on, into a copy of the template. The copy then becomes the live version of the Project Management Plan for the project and will need to be updated, as project conditions require.
3. Any level of tailoring can be applied to the template, as long as the PMO is advised. This notification has several purposes:
3.a. It allows Quality Assurance to adjust checklists and questionnaires,
3.b. It allows the Program Management Office (PMO) to adjust its oversight and QA activities to the project’s plan,
3.c. It allows the PMO to advise the project team of the potential effects and risks that may occur if materials are omitted, and
3.d. It serves as a trigger for possible improvement of the template by the PMO.
4. Any highlighted text indicates that there are some brief instructions for the completion of that section.

Project Management Plan

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