Empirical Research Methods Poster

Friday, April 9, 2010 · Posted in Research

Research Methods Poster will help IT related engineers and researchers in evaluating and/or performing their empirical research.

– Define research question
– Consider threats to the research
– Positivist research model
– How facts become theories
– Create theoretical model
– Qualitative vs. quantitative analysis
– The research process
– Select research method
– Select statistical test
– Analyze quantitative data
– Design Experiment
– Design case study
– Design survey
– Literature used

“A lot of methods and techniques have been released during the short history of software engineering that are meant to support software engineering activities. However, often the effectiveness of those techniques and methods is not clear. Techniques are applied without knowing if they will support the current activity. For most techniques it remains unclear when to use it and what consequences its usage has on e.g. the given budget, product quality or project schedule. It is this lack of knowledge that qualifies software engineering often as an art or craft rather than an engineering discipline.”

Published in “State of the art in empirical studies”

Quick info:
– Poster name: Research methods Poster
– Authors: Gregor Polančič
– Available languages: English
– Available formats: PDF
– Current version: 0.6

Download ResearchMethods_Poster_ver_0.6.pdf

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